Events at the Museum

GCAAM 2022 Tribute Dinner Flyer

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 3pm

The Greene County African American Museum, Inc. (GCAAM) is opening an exhibit to honor the “Original 33”. In an effort to continue our truth-telling of Georgia’s History, this new exhibit, called “Expelled Because of Color,” focuses on the first 33 African Americans elected to the Georgia Assembly. This historical narrative happened 154 years ago this year and the expulsion of these men from the Georgia Assembly took place September 3, 1868.

In honor of this tragic and historic day, GCAAM invites you to our tribute dinner, Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 honoring each of these Legislators and the counties that they represented in 1868. We will not, and cannot return throughout the pages of our historical narrative and change what occurred 154 years ago. We only can pay tribute to them by remembering their fearlessness, resilience, humanity, and unwavering commitment to the African American community.

Tickets are $33 and available on eventbrite. The event includes dinner, music, and a guest speaker.

Past Events

Community Conversations: Your Health & Well-Being!

Saturday, May 14, 2022, 10:00am- 3:00pm

Our first “Health & Well-Being Conversations” will be held at the Greene County African American Museum Campus.

Healthcare Professionals will be providing basic medical checks, including blood pressure, blood sugar and other forms of testing. Question and answer sessions on health concerns will be available as well. All services are provided free of charge.

We will also have other information and talks regarding the medical disparities African Americans face. Many thanks to Compassionate Atlanta for co-sponsoring this event. Join us as we make Greensboro a healthy place for the African American Community together!

City Worker Appreciation Luncheon

Friday, April 22, 2022, 11:00am- 2:00pm

We’re taking the afternoon to thank Greensboro city workers. Looking forward to seeing you with us at the museum.

Many thanks to Compassionate Atlanta for co-sponsoring this event!